About Aromaville

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Aromaville Coffee Co.,Besides manufacturing / sales business with its brand 'Handrip' E-Mart, Namyang, Woongjin Foods, 

Seoul and manufacturing / supply goods at competitive through the milk, damteo, tijen such as Korea's leading manufacturer and OEM basis.

As a result of research and development, and hang with the conditions of 20 patents, We will do our best effort to raise the quality and ease of use of the product. 

In addition, retired at the thorough food safety through HACCP certification Committed to create a good stuffing.


Main Brand Handrip coffee


 World-cup official drinks supplier


 Asian Game official drinks supplier


 Hi Seoul Festival, Celabration of Recovery Cheong-Gye stream


 Shared Growth with E-mart, Namyang, Woongjin,Damtur, Teagen 년


 Supplier for Olympic stadium, Inner link in Mock-dong, Sungwool Resort, Fenix Park


 Disabled Enterprise appointed by Samll Business Administration


 Certified Pre-Social Enterprise by Gyung-Ki Do